Friday, May 22, 2009

all in the family.

Field of Dreams

I've seen this field many times, and always thought to myself, "I bet that would be a pretty place to take pictures." But when we drove up and actually got out of the car, it had many things to offer that were a surprise to me. Like green, flowy grains, golden fields, a rad tire swing, and some neat old fence posts. There is still much, much more to be explored there. My poor sister-in-law was literally swelling and snotting before our eyes - the allergies were ATROCIOUS!


I've been wanting to take the pictures involving ballooons, colorful suckers and funky clothing combinations ever since I joined Flickr and saw that that seemed to be all the rage in the photography world.

We had a good time dressing our kids. It was hard for me to stray from the plain colored tee shirt/onesie and saggy diaper look, but Mindy was a great partner in crime! I love how these turned out!