Thursday, October 4, 2007

Little Tyson

This is one of my preschoolers, Tyson. We were at the park yesterday snapping pictures and I really liked how his turned out. Look at those blue eyes! I love the scrapes on the side of his cheek...they just scream 4 year-old!

The color on this first picture is a little wild. I was playing around too much with my iPhoto editing tools and then it got a little too pink. If only I was saavy on Photoshop....(hint brandon or wendy). Just kidding.

Black and the hand on the chin. Nice placement, Tyson.


sheena said...

SO CUTE! So is that B&W w/ iphoto or looks so good! and the pics are so clear!!

we need to talk again soon....maybe you should just move here (more stuff to take pics of....)

sheena said...

ok so I totally just noticed your little blip under your title....great

if you do come up with new ideas of what to call yourself let me know--mine's definatley more gay than yours.

ali degraff said...

No photoshop-ing on these photos..unfortunately.