Wednesday, September 3, 2008

something different

I tried my first "texture" in Photoshop. Interesting. I am loving this experimentation. Not sure I love the end color of the photo. I think my own personal style (if I knew how to achieve it) would be light, bright, punchy colors, so this is a fun diversion. 

What do you think? I would love some HONEST critique!  Maybe more of a brown hue?  Less fade?


Lori said...

That picture is so precious. I would love to see it in more brown tones to compare but I love it like it is too.
It has a vintage feel to it.

Jen Giorgis said...

I haven't played much with textures. I think that picture is so sweet. I agree with Lori, I'd like to see the 2 to compare. However, adding a tish of brown tones would just add to the vintage feel. I think I'd like it. I Think it looks great as is too!

Melissa Ellen said...

WOW! You keep it up gf and you're gonna be getting some questions from all sorts of photogs looking to find there way through PS!

I love that pic. I love that texture too.