Monday, November 17, 2008


I am finding that I love this hobby/job. I get to meet so many wonderful families and individuals, and this family is no exception.

This mom is amazing. Right now, life has thrown her some curve balls and she has shown exceptional  bravery in the way she's handling her situation. 

Which is why I am glad they are wearing red. It's a symbol of many things, STRENGTH being one of them. And this mom is a ROCK!

Plus, look how absolutely adorable her kids are.  Every one of them!

Thanks friends.  I think we got a few cute ones even though we were working against the sun in a major way!

Ewww...can you tell the colors in this picture are muted?  That's what happens when I don't upload from Flickr.  This one is much better in real life...meaning real cyber/pixel/digital life.  (I'm not making sense, I know)

Used a flash on this one...naughty, naughty.  But it was completely dark.  I think it's still a beautiful shot.  


Sarah Hull said...

What a surprise to click on the link and see beautiful amanda and her gorgeous kids! Those pictures are amazing! I love your style.

The Hannegan Clan said...

Hi~ I found your blog through a link on Amanda's blog... What gorgeous pictures! You did such Great job!!

missliss5/Melissa said...

Wow, wow, wow. I absolutely love these pictures