Tuesday, November 4, 2008


One hot summer day when I was very fat with child, I came home from work and discovered a beautifully wrapped gift on my doorstep.  It was from my neighbor, Fawn.  And in it was some anti-stretch mark body lotion.

I could not get over her kind gesture.  Little did she know that I had been stalking her for some time from my bedroom window (yes, we live in a fishbowl) wishing we were friends.  We had moved to this strange place called Romoland and she looked like someone I would really get along with!

In due time we became friends, but it didn't seem to last long.  Life took them on a different path and led them to beachier "pastures".  Oh how jealous we were.  We missed our new friends.  But luckily, we still keep in touch.  And luckily, I got to take their pictures last weekend.  

So, without further ado...here is a little sample.  

Oh and just a little tidbit about Damien.  
Turns out, he is deathly afraid of birds!

Love you guys!

**Sorry that some of these pics got cut off on one side**


Jen Giorgis said...

Ali, I still love them. I don't know this family, but I feel like I have a good sense of their personality. So fun, and beautiful.

P.S. I may need you to walk me through flickr so I can post my pics that big!!!

heidi said...

these are adorable...love their style and you really captured their personality!

Jay and Gwen said...

All these gorgeous photos you take make me feel terribly guilty as your mom that we don't have any decent photos of you, or your siblings when you were growing up.
Oh well, can't cry over spilt milk!
At least we will have great photos of our grandkiddies! Come visit and I'll pay you to do photos of my class. Love, mom

Iris said...

I'm not a photographer but I've noticed you use the same locations that Blue Lily uses. It seems so weird to me. You are obviously talented, why are you using her exact locations that way?