Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sacramento sessions

Before doing these sessions, both moms had e-mailed me with questions like,

"What happens if my children meltdown and don't cooperate?"
"How do you handle a husband who HATES having his picture taken?"
"How much direction will you give us?"

My answers to all....DON'T WORRY!
I am always amazed with the images captured in less than perfect situations.  Even when there are hiccups in family sessions, somehow we still manage to get pictures that tell the story of each family.

I love these and hope you do too!

for stacy

for brittany


Tracy said...

These are beautiful! Next time you're in Sacramento I'd love to have you take some photos of my little family. :)

Teachinfourth said...

You have some great shots. Followed you through Jayne.

tara said...

Your pictures are beautiful Ali! We need to meet up next summer after I have the baby in April- we'll have to try and plan on being in No. Cal the same time you are (: You'll have to tell me if you do any post processing. I've wanted to try filters in Photo Shop, but i've only got elements. I've yet to figure out what makes the colors pop!

Bridget said...

your pictures are awesome. what kind of camera do you use??